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Yoga classes

based in Banchory, Aberdeenshire




About Lisa



"I knew instantly that yoga was something that I wanted to explore further.  I felt like a different person, energized and yet deeply calm."



Lisa began her yoga journey in 1995.  Her first yoga teacher was Ian Scorgie, founder of the Aberdeen Yoga Centre.  She has also studied with other well-respected local teachers including Fiona Smith.  These classes gave her a solid foundation in yoga and continue to inspire her practice and teaching today.  


In 2002 Lisa completed yoga teacher training with the SYTA (Yoga Scotland).  She has qualified in Thai Yoga massage with Geoff Pritchatt.  

Lisa learned Vipassana meditation at Dhamma Dipa, Hereford. 

She has recently completed advanced studies in yoga anatomy 

with Leslie Kaminoff and continues to be inspired by his work. 


In her classes, students work through a balanced programme of postures.  The emphasis is on moving smoothly with the breath. Different breathing and relaxation exercises are also explored.  She welcomes students of all abilities.



"My daily practice feeds my teaching and supports me through lifes ups and downs."  





"I love Lisa's yoga class!  She keeps it varied, challenging and fun every week!!"


"Love your yoga class as it is the perfect counterbalance to all the other sports that I do (running, cycling, swimming).  It lengthens my tight muscles, teaches me to breathe better and deeper and also allows my brain to relax and focus"


"Lisa has a gentle, encouraging approach towards her students.  Her teaching is all about challenging yourself and enjoying that special time to focus on your body.  I always feel refreshed, more supple and relaxed after her class"













Hatha Yoga for Health and Wellbeing


"Yoga attempts to create a state in which we are always present -really present- in every action, in every moment"  


T.K.V. Desikashar  in 'The Heart of Yoga'




Yoga is an ancient disipline designed to increase our awareness of the subtle workings of body and mind.  It aims to make us more mindful of our negative habits and helps us to move beyond them.  This enables the aspirant to lead a fuller and happier life.  


The word yoga is usually translated as union.  This can be thought of as the bringing together of body, mind and spirit.  Hatha yoga primarily deals with the health and well-being of the physical body.  It can also be seen as a preparation for the practice of meditation.


A typical Hatha yoga class will use postures, breath work and relaxation.  This helps purify, energize and improve the functioning of the various bodily systems.  The mind is encouraged to engage fully throughout the practice.  This develops concentration and self-awareness.


Remember, you are unique.  Be sensitive to your present needs.  

Challenge but do not strain.  

Come along with an open mind and give it a try. 









Classes run during the school term


7.15-8.15 pm

General level yoga

Deeside Dance



7-8.30 pm

General level yoga

Dalvenie Gardens Resource Centre


9.30-10.30 am

Gentle yoga

Deeside Dance Centre



9.30-10.30 am

General level yoga

Deeside Dance Centre


My classes are suitable for most people, regardless of age, body type and level of experience, however if you are unsure or have a particular health concern then contact me for advice first.


Your first class is FREE, just come along to one of the classes or contact me for more details.


Block Payment

Pay upfront for a once weekly class between set dates. Works out at £7 per class.

Drop into any class


Weekly Payment

£12 for any 2 classes per week.

Payable at your first class of the week.

Private Classes

Private tuition is available in your own home.

£35 for a 1 hour class within a five mile radius of Banchory.


Please note that missed classes cannot be refunded or carried over into the next week/block so please choose the payment option that works best for you!



What equipment do I need?

I would advise you to bring along a yoga mat; wear loose or stretchy clothing; and bring a blanket or jumper to keep you warm during relaxation.


A yoga block to sit on when in seated postures can be helpful.  


Do I need to be


No.  Yoga is not about tying the body in knots!  


An important part of your yoga practice will be learning to accept yourself as you are without  expectations.  


With regular practice your flexibillity will improve.

What are the benefits of yoga?


Yoga is increasingly being recognised for it's many physical, mental and emotional health benefits.


It can help manage many conditions including hypertension, back pain, arthritis, obesity, anxiety, depression and stress.




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Lisa Taylor

email:  yogalisa@hotmail.co.uk

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